Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why I Switched to a Raw and Living Food Diet

As I mentioned in my previous post, I knew that I had to make changes in my diet, or else my health would deteriorate. I was terrified of dying of cancer, mainly because mainstream medicine tells us that it is hereditary, and everyone on my dad’s side of the family who had passed away, did so of cancer. My dad suffered from prostate cancer, which the doctors got, but the treatments left him sicker than a dog. Yet somehow he managed to hold on to life for another 10 years before his body shut down.

Therefore when I began to feel sluggish and had absolutely no energy to do anything, I was terrified that I would come down and die of some kind of cancer as well. However, at this time I had already discovered that doctors were not doing everything they could to help their patients, and that their medicines was what made others sick many times. (I discovered this by following the mainstream news).

As a result I began to search the internet for natural cures for cancer. It did not take me very long until I was convinced that there really were alternative and natural ways to treat the disease, and that medical professionals and the FDA were not interested in curing cancer, but rather to reap the money that it would bring in.

At this time I began to decrease the amount of junk foods that I was eating, and started to eat more of the fruits and vegetables which were said to help with cancer. But I needed another boost in the right direction, and I believe that God gave it to me a few months later, when I came home from work one day with a splitting headache and could not breathe properly.

I worked in an automotive factory, and had just begun to operate spotwelders and mig-welders. I had never operated those kinds of machines before, and the training that I received was worse than if they had shoved a manual in my face and told me to figure it out myself. A manual could at least have walked me through the proper steps. However, I somehow managed to get the job done at the end of the day, and that seemed to be satisfactory for them.

Anyhow, that particular day was a cool fall day, and all the doors of the factory were shut. I was to operate a mig-welder which sent off a tremendous amount of smoke. I had run it before, and always had a fan to blow the smoke away from my face. But because it was a chilly day, I decided not to turn the fan on. But after about 10 minutes or so, I began to cough uncontrollably. I went and got my coat and turned the fan on.

A few hours went by when someone finally pointed out that there was an exhaust fan that I could turn on that would suck the smoke up. No one had mentioned this to me before, and that is why I said that the training was worthless. As long as the job got done, the health of the employees did not matter.

The damage to my already mal-functioning lungs was done. I had a terrible headache and had a very difficult time breathing, but I managed to get through the day somehow. I thought that it would go away after I would go home, but that night I could not fall asleep. For as soon as I would lay down, I could not get any air into my body. I found myself gasping for air, and I was terrified. I finally fell asleep in a semi-sitting position so that I could still somewhat breathe. That is how I slept for the next week or so.

I called in sick the next day, and spent the day searching the internet for ways that I could naturally help my lungs get better. I came across a YouTube video where a young teenage boy was cured from asthma in as little as 2 weeks just by changing to a raw food diet.

I did not know what I had at this time, whether it would result in asthma or lung cancer, but I was inspired to find out more about the raw food diet. This is when I discovered that I could cure any disease imaginable just by avoiding junk foods and other toxins and by eating a healthy diet.
So I made a few changes in my diet and within a week or two I was able to sleep in a normal position again. (But after the incident I could no longer sleep good, I found myself tossing and turning for most of the nights). But because I was able to breathe again, I was convinced that the raw food diet was working and thus I decided to go raw 100%. However, I could not let go of my favorite foods, so I decided to make the changes gradually. 

It has been 3 years from then and I am still not 100% raw. The good thing, however, is that there is no rule that says that I have to be, as long as I refrain from eating processed foods and prepare my occasionally cooked foods from scratch.