Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Raw and Living Food Diet

It was back in the summer of 2007 when I discovered that there were natural cures for cancer. Cancer was one of my biggest fears because it runs in my family. But as a result of my discoveries, I was no longer afraid because I knew that if I ever got diagnosed with cancer that I would not have to worry about dying from it.

However, it wasn’t until the fall that I discovered the raw and living food diet. I discovered that by switching over to it, and avoiding conventionally processed foods, that you could cure and prevent just about any disease imaginable without any drugs or side effects.

Since then I have come a long ways in both my physical and mental health. I am able to experience a mental clarity which I have never in my whole entire life been able to experience. My energy levels are high, and I no longer suffer from pounding headaches that would last for days. At the time of writing this, almost 3 years later, I still have not yet made a full recovery from my muscle pains and depression, but I find that I am getting better and better as each day passes.

I have learned a lot about raw food, natural healing and disease prevention during these last 3 years. A lot that I learned has been from other people, but a lot of it is also from my own personal experience. It would be selfish of me if I did not take the time to share my experiences with you so that you too can make the change to the raw food diet.

That is why I would like to start this blog to share with you my living food experience. Because if others had not shared their experiences with me, I would be on chronic pain killers, muscle relaxers, anti-depressants and many other drugs. My health would be in trouble with no hope of ever getting better.

I knew in the summer of 2007 that if I did not make changes that my health would deteriorate. Thus I eliminated pop and reduced the amount of other junk foods I ate, but I was not making the changes fast enough. My job at the time was very physically demanding, and by the summer of 2008 I hit rock bottom both physically and emotionally. As a result I quit my job, so that I could take some time to heal.

I had no one to help me, except for the personal stories which I found on the internet of how others were able to help themselves. Because of them, I have been able to pick myself up to the point where I can say I feel better and younger than when I was 10 years old. So the least I can do is pay it forward, and hope that someone, somewhere can be helped by the things which I have learned and experienced.

So here is to good health, and a long and happy life!